Here you can find answers to questions you may want to ask.

This all depends on what sort of website you want. The more complex and content you want and the cost increases. Having said that Handsmedia are realistic on pricing and you will find our pricing is very competative and affordable for any Business or private sector. Contact us with your details for a totally free and no obligation quote.Our prices have no hidden charges or costs,what we qoute is what you pay.
Any web design project requires some input from you. You know your business better than anyone and should have an idea of the image you want your website to portray. Simply contact us and have a chat about your business and what you do. Once we get a feel for your business we can start and build your website tailored to your business. We do this by means of text,logos and pictures.Even video or audio if you have these or we can provide some for you. Basically just tell us your story and we do the rest,explaining things jargon free.
Here at Handsmedia we know all too well that not everyone understands how a website works so we encourage you to ask the simplest questions if your not sure, we will try to answer jargon free so you can understand the way things work. So please always ask if you need to know anything, we are always pleased to hear from you.