Handsmedia can produce a website for many types of businesses and also the private sector.So even if you are not a business and would like just a personal website, consisting of a private picture gallery for family and friends,Handsmedia can help.

If you are a bar owner or cafe owner,having your own website to attract new customers and to let the customers then keep in touch with events as they occur. This can help in repeat customers .

Entertainer's,musical artists/group's,photographers,social groups and so much more - Handsmedia has the solution for you.
Video and audio can be used within your website to further enhance your audience's experience,you can even sell your songs online by means of a downloadable point of sale website.

Websites for weddingsYou may be getting married and want to share the whole experience with family and friends who cannot make the journey from abroad.With a website you can keep them upto date with all the events.As you can see the possibilities are endless and Handsmedia are here to help you achieve this and much more.
So don't delay contact us and see how we can help you.


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